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Skill Building

Skill Building 1

Skill Building

Training does not end at Introduction to Handguns or getting your LTC. To stay proficient, you need to practice often and with intention. High Caliber Lady has developed a monthly curriculum to continue building your skills. Each month you will gently be pushed into the next steps for learning. Nothing will be so far over your skill level that you will feel uncomfortable and we will go slow to help you understand the importance of each step. You are encouraged to continue these skills to develop confident muscle memory.

Below is the live fire curriculum to be held at the range:

14 February 2021: Malfunctions and Multiple Targets! We will be using dummy rounds to simulate various malfunctions. Targets will also be set up at different distances to change peripherals. 

14 March 2021: Mag changes and walking and shooting! Forward and backward walking. During this training, everyone will learn how to look around for situational awareness after shooting. Everyone will also learn how to rapid fire.

Each class is $40 per person and will be approximately 2 hours long. It could be shorter or longer depending on the number of attendees. You will need to bring your own gun and ammunition unless otherwise stated. Each class will not exceed the use of 50 rounds of ammunition. An email containing additional information necessary for each class as well as documents to print and sign will be sent after payment is recieved.