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Hello, my name is Heather. As the High Caliber Lady, my mission is to change the way people carry themselves in their everyday lives in order to refuse to be a victim. Fear of firearms is trending in a negative direction right now in our culture. This fear can be overcome with knowledge and training. I am prepared to show you that preparation is not paranoia and maybe your only way out. 






it is important to grow and maintain your skills after learning the safety and basics of handgun shooting. This monthly curriculum will get you more comfortable with your gun and challenge your skills to make you better.


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A ladies only class on the various holsters we have available to us. This class shows ladies how to properly wear and draw from their holsters as well as how to change their attire to accomodate their newest accessory.


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This class is for individuals who have the desire to learn about handguns but don't know where to start. This is also a great class for learning safe handling of handguns and a preparation class for obtaining your License to Carry.


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Proper care of your handgun is a necessity for maintaining the trusted functionality of your handgun. This class is designed around your specific handgun and the maintenance it requires.


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If the scheduled public class dates/times do not match up with your schedule or if you prefer one-on-one (women only), duo, or small group classes instead, I am available for private classes and/or I am able to come to you for instruction. Please email me for more info or see the private class drop down for prices.