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Dry Fire Training

Dry Fire Training

High Caliber Lady has developed a dry fire training curriculum to overcome both the heat of the Texas summers as well as the lack of ammunition available for purchase. The continuation of training is crutial if you own a handgun for personal protection inside the home and for carry. This training will be specific to growing those skills. This curriculum was built with the help of Dry Fire Training as well as the NRA's Personal Protection Inside the Home and Refuse to be a Victim. These classes will be held monthly. There will be training using both your handgun with dummy ammunition and the use of a laser pistol to bring the training full circle. 

The training curriculum will be as follows:

April 11: Local Crime Assessment, Storing Guns and Ammo, Verbal Drills, and Engaging Your Safety

May 2: Strategies for Building a Home Defense Plan, Cover vs Concealment, Anticipating the Shot, and Shooting with Non-Dominent Hand/Behind Barriers

June 13: Levels of Awareness, Changing Ammo, and Magazine Changes

July 11: Drawing from Various Positions, One Handed Shooting, and Drawing/Reholstering

August 8: Shooting with Both Eyes Open, Point Shooting, and Speed Drills

September 19: Transitioning Between Targets, Walking and Shooting, Close Fire Drills

After registration, you will receive an email about three days prior to training with additional information on attire, what equipment to bring, class location, etc. This will be held in a controlled classroom setting. While the training will grow in complexity, anyone can jump right into training during any month. If you've taken classes with me before, you know my instruction is detailed, patient, and slow paced. 

*Registration Required*