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Holster Class

Holster Class 1

Holster Class

This is a ladies-only class on the different holsters available to our unique body types and style. It is a ladies-only class because I encourage them to try on these holsters and to help each other with fit and comfort. During this class, I will be talking specifically about concealed carry consideration to include clothing, lifestyle, and gun types. I will show a large variety of holsters available to you and will demonstrate how to safely draw from your holster. While I do sell certain brands of holsters, this class was designed to point you in the right direction for purchase and answer any questions you may have. This class is approximately two hours long, is very informal, and is more about conversation than structure. 

For the safety of everyone, NO handguns are allowed during this class. I will have dummy guns available for practice.

If you would like to purchase a holster prior to class, I am a dealer for the following companies. You will have the opportunity to see all of their products as well as place an order.

- Smart Carry

- Flash Bang

- Damsel in Defense

- Tactica Defense