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Non-Lethal Tool Training

Non-Lethal Tool Training 1

Non-Lethal Tool Training

Everyone knows someone or has personally been a victim of an attack or domestic abuse. Realistically, it can be difficult to attend physical training or take enough time to get to know and be comfortable with firearms. It takes time, money, and consistency. We are also not able to carry a gun in every location. But knowing personal protection is important, there are other options to staying safe. First and foremost, situational awareness which is incorporated into this training, but also having a tool that you can carry openly in your hand can bring confidence. This instruction and training are focused around the use of pepper spray and stun guns although the topic of mace and tasers will be touched to explain the legal differences between them. I will walk you through the proper employment of these defense tools and give you a scenario to test your situational awareness.

This class is $10 to sign up online or $20 at the door. The class is approximately an hour and a half long. Every family member is encouraged to attend. I try not to talk about anything graphic unless it is needed to answer a question, but I am mindful of the age of the audience. The scenario used does mention rape, but the details are left out. You will be given the option of purchasing the tools used during training.

I will primarily be using Damsel in Defense products during this presentation. If you'd like to view the products, please visit my website: https://www.mydamselpro.net/HIGHCALIBERHEATHER/