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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Do you teach LTC/CHL Classes?

No, I do not teach LTC classes. I specialize in teaching new shooters or people who are afraid of handguns.

Can I still attend the Introduction to Handgun course even if I don't have a gun?

Yes, there are two options when signing up for class. The $75 option is to attend this class without a handgun. I will have some to use during class and at the range. Not a problem! I prefer students learn the basics of handgun safety prior to purchasing a handgun. 

Are there other options for attending an Introduction to Handgun course other than the ones listed?

Yes, I offer private classes for people who are not able to attend the listed date. Please see the Private Class option on the Classes dropdown menu for details on the private class price list. 

Is there a dress code for class?

The only class with a dress code is the range portion of the Introduction to Handgun Class. This is for your safety and comfort. You will need to wear close toed shoes and a shirt that is not low cut. Expended ammunition casings fly out of the ejection port after each shot and they are hot. To eliminate any mishandling of a gun while on the range, these precautions need to be taken.

I am ready to attend a LTC class, do you have an instructor you'd recommend?

I do, his name is James Leavell. His website is lockedandloadeddefense.com. You can visit his website for information on classes dates and times.

What do I do if I don't know if my gun is loaded or not when I come to class?

Not to worry, after you sign up for class, a follow-up email will be sent to you with specific instructions on how to transport your gun and what to do when you arrive.

My child is under the age of 18, can they still attend the Introduction to Handgun course?

Yes, they are welcome to attend class as long as they are mature enough to listen to the instruction being provided and obey the rules for safe gun handling. 

I already know how to safely handle my gun, can I just attend the range portion of the Introduction to Handgun course for marksmanship instruction?

No, for the safety of the class, I can not let you attend the range only portion of class. If you would like individual training on marksmanship, please see the Private Class options and price listing. I would be happy to work with you during another time.

My child is under the age of 18, can they carry pepper spray to school?

This question must be answered by the school they attend. These tools are considered a weapon and may not be legal for them to carry. I do, however, have other options such as whistles and personal alarms that are a good alternative to stun guns and pepper sprays for minors.

Do I need a gun to attend the handgun cleaning class?

Although it is ideal to learn the parts and functionality of your own handgun, you are still welcome to attend and learn with one of my guns. The internal part of a pistol and revolver are pretty much all the same with only small variations. You will leave with a better idea of what a dirty gun looks like and how to best maintain them. 

Do you teach self defense?

I do not teach physical self defense. I teach the use of personal protection tools and the use of handguns. For self defense training, I highly recommend Brazilian Jui-Jitsu instructor Diego Almeida at Seeds 13 Academy.

I already have my LTC. Where do I go for continued training?

High Caliber Lady offers pistol skill building training six months out of the year. There are six sessions with each getting progressively more difficult. The first and second classes are a good follow on course after the Introduction to Handguns class so that class is highly recommended prior to attending the skill building training. To register for skill building classes to read more about them, click here

What are my options for holsters?

I will be hosting quarterly holster classes for ladies only. You will have the opportunity to try some on, feel them, and ask questions related to your lifestyle. See dates and more information for training under Holster Class.

Can I still attend the Introduction to Handguns course if I am pregnant?

It is not recommended once you get into the second trimester. It is not healthy for you or your baby to inhale or handle gun powder remnants from the range. If you'd like to learn the basics without going to the range, please email me and we can work out different pricing.

I can't carry a gun to work, what other defense options do I have?

Although I do not teach physical self defense, I think taking self defense classes is a great place to start. You'll gain confidence in your ability to act and fight back. I know not everyone has the time or money to invest into this type of training.

Another option is pepper sprays or stun devices. I have training on these tools as well. They will be scheduled quarterly or private training with a group can be requested as well. I urge you to view my website to see your non-lethal options for defense. 

Do you have a refund policy?

I will roll your payment up to two times for the same class to your next available date of your choosing. 

Can I purchase a Gift Certificate?

Absolutely! Under the Introduction to Handguns class, there is an option to purchase a gift certificate. This is the only class that has this option because it is the most requested. After you follow the purchase process, Heather will email you to get the information for the person you want to purchase the gift certificate for. She will ask for the name and address of the person and will personally send a gift certificate from you which will include a single use coupon code to register for any class date and time they choose.